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A B O U T  U S

Mia Ferlaino & Gayle Langston

Mia and Gayle decided they wanted to help more in the aged care sector and especially persons living with dementia to help make a difference in their quality of life and also for  their carer’s. We have both cared for our own parent's and understand  the challenges you are going through. We are proud to be helping and supporting  you to be leaders in the aged care industry.  Mindful Generations thank you for purchasing our Activity "Scarf-e" and making positive changes to lives one small step at a time. 

Persons living  with  dementia present vastly different care and emotional  needs when they transition through the 7 stages of dementia. Our Activity"Scarf-e" will help your loved one through these changes.

Our Dementia Activity Scarf known as the “Scarf-e” is the inspiration and imagination of Marina and Gayle who have over 14 years combined specialized experience in aged care as diviersional officers/recreational lifestyle officers.

It took 18 months for us to design, source and patent the Activity “Scarf-e”.

Our Activity “Scarf-e” comes with a 4 item activity starter pack  and  6 tethers and clasps to attach to your “Scarf-e”. This is unique as you can change activities easily off your scarf daily if you choose. It is also easy and quick to take items off when washing your scarf.

NEW  activity packs will be on offer each month from this website. You can collect more packs that are of interest for your loved one which will give greater choice, engagement and  individuality. Mindful Generations will donate 10% of proceeds from your purchases to Dementia Australia for more research and education.

Please contact Mia or Gayle if you have any questions about using the activity “Scarf-e” we would love to hear from you and help in any way we can.


Our "Scarf-e"

Our mission is to help persons living with dementia. We would love to see everyone with an Activity “Scarf-e” which is  personalized with activities that interest your loved one. The Activity "Scarf-e" gives support and empowerment to the user so they can choose when they would like to  engage in an activity and not have to wait for somebody to help them. Most importantly  it offers inspiration, dignity and comfort.


The Activity “Scarf-e” is UNIQUE and would be a valuable activity resource for a carer at home  or in an aged care facility to help divert, create easy conversations, reduce anxiety and engage in meaningful activities for your loved one.  Making both persons living with dementia  and their  carers’ life easier and more supported.


Other ways to use the Activity “Scarf-e”  with your loved one could be travelling in the car, bus, train, waiting for doctor’s appointments, going out for lunch/dinner or lay "Scarf-e" on their lap or around their neck whilst they are resting in bed or their chair. 


The Activity “Scarf-e “ was designed by ourselves and brought to life by our designer Kittie , helping to keep things simple yet practical.  We make our handmade “Scarf-e”in the Illawarra NSW  and thank our team who do incredible work for us.  We are very conscious to provide local people with jobs  and hope you will support us with this choice.


Mia and Gayle are conscious of ethical and environmental concerns  and have mindfully chosen the following materials:-

  1. Up cycled 70’s blanket

  2.  Fair trade yak wool 

  3. Cotton OR Polyester cotton

  4. Denim

We will also be offering on this website monthly person-centred activity packs which you can purchase and add to your activity “Scarf-e” for more choice. These will be of interests like travel, pets, fishing, cooking, family, etc just to name a few.

We have other innovative products and clothes that we are working on for the future, so keep checking on our website.

Mia and Gayle provide workshops when you purchase 10 or more activity “Scarf-e’s”. We make a fun, engaging and helpful  workshop on how to use and get the  best outcomes using the Activity “Scarf-e” to help carers.


Please contact us anytime for further information.