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Activity Scarf-e

Our unique Activity Scarf-e supports independence and choice for residents. It allows activities to be securely attached and in reach of the residents to participate and engage with.

It is important to note that provision of the Scarf-e to residents will assist facilities to meet 10 key elements of the Accreditation Standards set by the Australian Government. (Standards 1,2,3 and 4)

Each Scarf-e has exchangeable attachments that can be changed by staff or family. It is a great way to involve staff and family to have easier connections and conversations.

The resident is empowered as they can decide how and when to engage with the Activity Scarf-e independently. It provides ongoing easy access to the activities, while the tethers ensure that none are dropped or ever out of reach.

By utilising the Activity Scarf-e to provide diversion, it becomes an extra resource/tool to help carers  with residents from low to high dementia.

 We have ensured that the Scarf-e fabrics used are highly durable and can be washed in a commercial laundry, hence ensuring years of use and enjoyment.

We are bringing out person centred activity pockets on a regular monthly basis and you can purchase these on our website. (Some examples:- Fishing, Cooking, Babies, Gardening, Travel, Beach, Dogs, Cats etc)

Our  Activity Scarf-e is patented and manufactured in NSW Australia where we are proud to support local businesses and jobs.  Being mindful of residents safety we have also had the Activity Scarf-e accredited for compliance and successfully passed the Australian Safety Testing # MIN190214-A.

Together with innovative and inspiriting Facilities we can create positive new experiences for your residents, families and staff with the Dementia Activity Scarf-e


S T E P  1


Have resident evaluated by Lifestyle Officers:- 


Identify if you require Generic or Person Centred Activity Scarf-es

Identify 4 personal interests that engage resident now

(eg:  puzzles, flowers, animals, music).  

Favourite colour:  
Green  /  Yellow  /  Red  /  Blue  /  Pink  /  Orange  /  Purple

Cognitive level:  
Low  /  Med  /  High

Verbal  /  Non Verbal

Identifying Behaviours:   

Sorting  /  Winding  /  Writing  /  Fidgeting  /  Threading /  Counting / Anxiety / Others             


S T E P  2


Mindful Generations will provide a FREE workshop when 10 or more Activity Scarf-es are purchased. We will cover all aspects of best practice and duty of care, documentation assistance, intervention and interaction sheets. Carers will have a hands on approach to use/interact with Activity Scarf-e.

MG Workshop/Training

When you purchase 10 or more Dementia Activity Scarf-es, Mindful Generations will give your facility 2 x 30 minute FREE workshop training sessions covering

  • Best Practice and Duty of Care using Activity Scarf-e

  • Implementation and productive/diversional use of Activity Scarf-e

  • Documentation for Activity Scarf-e Accreditation Standards

2 x 30 minute sessions


S T E P  3


We will provide each facility with their specific order in person or by registered post.

Please contact us for wholesale pricing.​