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Mia and Gayle decided they wanted to help more in the aged care sector and especially persons living with dementia to help make a difference in their quality of life and also for  their carer’s. They have both cared for their own parent's and understand  the challenges you are going through.


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Our quality products are hand-made in Australia. They are Australian Standard Safety Tested for peace of mind.

MG Workshops  - Recreation/ Lifestyle

Mia and Gayle would like to help broaden knowledge regarding skills, resources, activities and diversional techniques to help inspire, nourish and educate your staff.

We are delivering a hands on diversional workshop that will give your staff the power to create interventions and activities to help all residents especially those living with dementia.

Our MG  Workshop - Duration  2 hours

For more information regarding our Workshops please contact us


Family and Facilities



"The colourful scarf has not only kept Mum warm but provided a stimulus for connection with carers as it is personalised to reflect Mum. MG products are awesome."


"It makes it so much easier to leave him, knowing he is content and not ignored or staring vacantly at nothing"

Jessica R.
(ROA Team leader)

"We offered 10 residents the sensory scarf-e with 7 out of the 10 utilising them to their full potential."

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