Our products are mindfully sourced environmentally and ethically where possible. 

This is great value for a unique patented self-supporting "Scarf-e" made in Australia (Illawarra NSW).

Mindful Generations know you will love this product as much as we have loved making it for you.
The self-supporting Scarf-e will be helpful having the important things close by to access independently.

Mindful Generations has over 14 years combined Aged Care Diversional Lifestyle Activity experience, specializing in persons living with dementia.


The self-supporting Scarf-e is recommended for low dementia and all persons non ambient and who have difficulty moving.

Self Supporting Scarf-e

  • 100% upcycled wool dementia Activity "Scarf-e" (warmer and thicker scarf)

    Take this home for your loved one to help persons living with dementia engage with meaningful activities giving choice, enjoyment and interaction. This product is also amazing for carers to use at home or in facilities as an extra resource.

    You will receive on purchase (1) Upcycled Activity "Scarf-e" and

    (1)  Starter pack  as shown above, which includes:-

    Tactile       -  round wooden puzzle

    Visual        -  inspirational comfort cards

    Cognitive  -  Winding and weaving on silicone  spinifex item for relaxation

    Reminisce -  Assorted Photo's (4) to help interaction and stories

    (6) Tethers and clasps supplied  to attach activity items on "Scarf-e" so they do not fall down 

    Personalised interest activity packs are also available on this website.

    Activity packs change monthly to give everybody a variety of choice to personalise more activities for their loved ones